Let’s have another go at it! – Other, Another and The Other

And the differences between them

Check out this video about other, another and the other, with an easy explanation of when you use them. They’re not the same!

Then, when you’ve sufficiently prepared for this issue, you can attempt to do the quiz. Or try the quiz without looking at the video. Please follow this link online.


Please choose other, the other or another.

A funny thing happened to me ____________ night. I met my friend from work Sheila in a bar.

She was with ___________ man, whom she introduced to me as a friend from bridge.

I know Sheila is happily married, so I was rather surprised when I saw them kissing after _____________ minute.

Aha, I thought, they do some _________ things besides playing bridge together.

I didn’t give it __________ thought, though.

What should I care what __________ people do with their lives, right?

But then came __________ afternoon, some weeks later.

And there I met Sheila walking in the park with yet ___________ man.

Probably ___________ bridge  friend, I thought to myself.

‘This is MIrko,” she said, introducing him. “I’m having ____________ go at it after my divorce.”

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