Word to the Wise: expire

expire (verb) – end and become invalid

expiration (noun) – the end of something

expired (adjective) – ended and not valid anymore because time has run out

expiration date (noun) – the day on which something ends, or: when products in a shop can no longer be sold because they aren’t fresh anymore (also called sell-by date)

expireDavid Mulder

Here are some examples of how you can use expire:

My library card has expired but I’m still sneaking in to read books.

My membership expires tomorrow, but I would like to extend it with another year.

The contract has expired, so now we’re free to close a deal with other partners.

Near the expiration of his term, the prime minister became very active trying to win back some of his earlier popularity.

You don’t want to be caught driving with an expired driver’s license.

Can we still drink this coffee when it’s after the expiration date?

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