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My Popular Writing Guide is free today: last day!

Do you want to improve your writing for work or study, if I show you how in a few amazing short tips?

Download this book now! It’s free.

Improve Your Writing: Six Steps Covering the Basics of Writing Letters, Emails and Essays that Get You Resultsis free today, until 4 September.

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Grab your copy and learn some easy tips how to make your writing instantly better.

I’d like some more reviews too, if you have a few minutes.

What’s in the book?

Beginners tips as well as some more advanced advice, but mostly this is for beginning writers and students, or for people who are writing professionally but want to focus on some points that are really important.

Introduction: Why Do You Need Good Writing?

Step 1: Making Short(er) Sentences

Bad writers use long sentences to try to make an impression on their readers, but those readers will be put off if the sentence doesn’t serve the point. Shorter sentences are not a sign of the writer being a person of low intelligence. On the contrary, knowing when to finish your sentence and using correct punctuation show that you have a sense of style and direction, and you don’t waste your reader’s time.

Step 2: State the Purpose of What You’re Writing Clearly

Some emails intend to give information, others mean to solve a complaint. Essays argue a point. Say what your text plans to do, and don’t let your readers guess what you’re up to.

Step 3: Finding and Ordering Your Subject

You may have a great subject, but it’s just as important to know how you will write about that subject. In addition, you might have been wondering whether your text should always express your viewpoint or should it be neutral?

Step 4: Dividing a Text into Paragraphs

How long should paragraphs be, and can they really have only one subject?

Step 5: Using Appropriate Connectors

We’ll learn about the most simple connectors: “and,” “but,” and “however,” and how you should use them. In addition: what is the correct punctuation with “however.”

Step 6: Structure Your Writing

Most texts have an introduction, a middle part and a conclusion. What should be in each of those parts?

Bonus Step: A Trick to Make Your Sentences Logical and Easier to Understand

How you order the information in your sentences makes all the difference. Do you put new information first, or last? You’ll find out if you read this!

Don’t Just Read this Book.

Just reading this book is probably not enough, so for better results have a look through the practice exercises. If you follow the six writing tips, and maybe (preferably!) do a little bit of practice, your writing in English should improve dramatically.

How to Start

If you’re not one of those people who can sit down to face a blank piece of paper or an empty monitor, and start penning away, it doesn’t mean at all that you can’t be a good writer.

Nobody was born a good writer. Some people, especially people who love to read, may have a natural gift for language. But really writing is a craft, and like all crafts it can be learned. If you consider your writing to be like a skill that you can master, you will feel yourself getting better and better. The more you use your writing skills, they will come easier to you and as a result you will enjoy writing more, which again makes it easier to improve.

You just need to learn things methodically. And this is what I will be teaching you in the writing manual.

And this is only a beginner’s handbook, so it will be easy!

If you follow the tips, you will achieve:

A higher score in your course essays

More success in your professional writing

Greater ease in your writing, such that you might even get inspired to write your own book.

Before you read this book, you need to download the Kindle app. This is free too. You can download Kindle for pc, for Android or for Apple devices.

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