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Irregular Verbs with –en Infographic

Participles ending in –en: driven, ridden, spoken.

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Have a look at this infographic for a quick reminder on some common irregular verbs.

irregular verbs with en

If you need help with the tenses, check this out. This article explains about the differences between past simple (in which you need V2) and present perfect (in which you use have/has + V3).

Then do the quiz.


You can do this quiz online here, and check your answers.

Choose the right forms of the verbs. (The choices are between past simple and present perfect).

1 Have you ever __________ (drive) a truck in your life?

2 We ___________ (drive) 50 kilometres before we came to a little house in the forest.

3 Bella __________ (ride) a pony when she was 4, but unfortunately she fell off.

4 This is the first time Jan and Morris _____________ (ride) around the lake in one afternoon.

5 I __________ (speak) with the teacher of my youngest yesterday and the news wasn’t good.

6 We haven’t _________ (speak) in years.

7 I __________ (write) you three emails. Haven’t you seen them?

8 He ___________ (write) his name on a tissue and put it into her coat pocket.

9 Moira ___________ (wake) up at 10, much too late for school.

10 This is the first time you ___________ (wake) me at 4 am, and hopefully the last time!

11 The boys ___________ (freeze) when they saw the big black dog.

12 I __________ (freeze) my jeans in the freezer. Now that gum should be easy to rub off.

13 Due to an unfortunate accident on Wednesday in which James __________ (break) his ankle, he won’t be able to play this Saturday.

14 Has she just _________ (break) the European record? Let’s look at the scoreboard.

15 Which songs did we used to sing in school? Gee, I’ve completely _________ (forget).

16 Jeff ___________ (forget) what he wanted to say.

17 The sun _________ (rise) over the shimmering valley: the start of a perfect day.

18 The prices of books ____________ (rise) again. Guess I’ll have to go to the library instead of buying books.

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