All and Whole

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Check out this short video about the difference between all and whole. The meaning is the same, mostly, but the grammar is different.

All the details are here.

After you’ve seen the video, try the quiz.


Click here to do this quiz online and check your answers. 

Choose whole or all.

1 Don’t tell me you’ve eaten the _________ packet of crisps?

2 ___________ the company was upset about the new policies.

3 The tuition fees aren’t the same for __________ students.

4 The ___________ town had gone out on the streets to watch the cycling race.

5 Does _________ the country approve of the monarchy?

6 The __________ meeting was one long complaint about our workload.

7 Do you think that __________ children should be inoculated against disease?

8 The __________ thing is a joke.

9 The robbers ran off with ___________ the money.

10 __________ buildings were destroyed in the earthquake, from doorstep to roof.


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