Words with Possess – Infographic and Quiz

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Check out this infographic with words that contain possess (= have possess in them).

Then do the quiz.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

words with possess

Quiz – for Advanced Level

Click here to do this quiz online and check your answers. 

Choose a form of possess, dispossess or prepossess.

1 The library doesn’t have this book in its ___________.

2 The speech she gave _____________ me to adopt her viewpoints.

3 The story of how these people lost their money and their houses is one of tragic ____________.

4 ___________ and the fact that he doesn’t see him often has made him blind to his nephew’s faults.

5 The witness is believed to ____________ important evidence about the accused.

6 She lacks many ____________ qualities that make her sister so popular.

7 Before investors can build a new skyscraper they will need to _____________ the tenants.

8 ____________ of her suitcase at landing, Kaya felt uncomfortable starting her journey without even being able to change her clothes.

9 The ___________ of such a magnificent voice must be lucky indeed.

10 The Grands are so rich that they don’t even remember half the things they _____________.

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