Word to the Wise: pip-squeak

pip-squeak/ pipsqueak (noun) – small or unimportant

(a pip is the seed of an apple or other fruit, and squeak is the sound that mice make. I don’t know where the word pipsqueak comes from, but it sounds funny, doesn’t it?)


Pipsqueak yourself

Here are some examples of how you can use it:

Do you really think I’m afraid of your pipsqueak brother?

Pluto being such a pip-squeak of a planet, scientists at first didn’t want to call it a planet at all, but proposed the name dwarf-planet.

On the screen the actor looks so tall and attractive, but when I met him I was disappointed he was a little pip-squeak.

Aw, look at that little pipsqueak puppy. He must be only one week old!

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