Word to the Wise: prevail 

prevail (noun) – to happen most often, to be stronger

prevalent (adjective) – happening often

prevalence (noun) – the quality of happening a lot

prevalently (adverb) – happening often


Here are some examples of how you can use it:

A merry mood prevailed in the first act of the play.

The home team prevails in the majority of games.

We will prevail even when conditions are difficult.

In England it seems that rainy or cloudy weather always prevails.

People told her she wouldn’t get far with her piano playing, but she prevailed and is now a concert pianist.

Is this flower prevalent in the region where you live?

Drinking is prevalent among young people, but sniffing glue is less so.

Do you have any statistics on the prevalence of this disease?

We’re seeing this behaviour most prevalently with young kids.

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