Instant Idiom: splitting ___________

Splitting  ____________ – argue over tiny details/be too precise about little things

Choose the right answer:

  1. hairs
  2. hair
  3. nail
  4. nails



scroll down for the answer



scroll some more




The right answer is:


split hair

Zechariah Judy



(This expression comes from the idea that hairs are too thin to easily split them.)

Here are some examples of how you can use it:

My manager pointed out that I’d been 5 minutes late for the meeting, and last week I had missed a meeting by 3 minutes before the end. If you ask me that’s just splitting hairs.

Of course it’s annoying if he doesn’t put the top of the toothpaste back on and he leaves his socks lying around on the floor. But if you love him, stop splitting hairs!

If the two sides keep splitting hairs over every little detail in the contract, they’ll sign it only next year.

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