Word to the Wise: bifurcation

bifurcation (noun) – a split into two parts

bifurcate (verb) – to split into two parts

bifurcated or bifurcate (adjective) – split into two parts

A bifurcate road.

Here are some examples of how you can use it:

You need to keep to the right when you come to the bifurcation in the road.

The windpipe bifurcates into the two lungs.

The train track bifurcated into two directions.

There is an old tree there with a bifurcate trunk.

Jorge has a scary piercing in his tongue that makes his tongue look bifurcated.

Do all snakes have bifurcated tongues?

2 thoughts on “Word to the Wise: bifurcation

  1. I’m no English expert…but Bifurcate can act as an adjective even without the “..ed” ending. for example: “The meadow contained a lonely bifurcate tree at its center.” Bifurcated would also work here but bifurcate can stand alone as an adjective.


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