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Word List of Common Verbs – Present and Past Forms

By Jacqueline Schaalje

fly flewFly Flew - Katmary

A student of mine asked me for a list of common verbs, with their past forms, because he keeps getting confused.

Here is the list that I made for him. You could find this useful too.

Common verbs that are regular:

Present Past
Talk Talked
Walk Walked
Work Worked
Decide Decided
Call Called
Phone Phoned
Cook Cooked
Wait Waited
Serve Served
Arrive Arrived
Want Wanted
Dance Danced
Look Looked
Help Helped
Touch Touched
Listen Listened
Learn Learnt (Br.), Learned (Am.)
Study Studied
Rent Rented
Show Showed
Sign Signed
Live Lived
Love Loved
Like Liked
Surf (the internet or the sea) Surfed
Suggest Suggested
Offer Offered
Receive Received
Visit Visited
Carry Carried
Reserve Reserved
Book Booked
Plan Planned
Start Started
End Ended
Need Needed
Create Created
Explain Explained
Ask Asked
Answer Answered
Open Opened
Close Closed


Common irregular verbs:

Present Past
Run Ran
Meet Met
Speak Spoke
Say Said
Tell Told
Can Could
Swim Swam
Leave Left
Go Went
Be (am, is, are) Was, were
Have (has) Had
Drink Drank
Eat Ate
Come Came
Sit Sat
Stand Stood
Understand Understood
See Saw
Feel Felt
Write Wrote
Read Read
Cut Cut
Buy Bought
Pay Paid
Fall Fell
Fight Fought
Get Got
Give Gave
Send Sent
Begin Began
Sell Sold
Make Made
Know Knew
Put Put
Fly Flew

Check out these articles about present simple and past simple, if you like.


To practise, do this quiz.

Quiz Present and Past

Click here to do this quiz online. 

Choose a verb from the lists in this article. You can use the present or the past. You can use negatives.

1 Our company ____________ graphic designs.

2 One day we ____________ a new logo to a client.

3 The client ____________ me on the phone later that day.

4 “I _____________ my logo,” she said.

5 “Oh, did you __________ my email?” I asked.

6 “Yes, but there ___________ nothing in the email,” the client said. “Only words.”

7 I sent the logo again, and two minutes after that I __________ with the client again.

8 “Now do you ____________ the logo?” I asked.

9  “Sorry, I __________ anything,” said the client.

10 “You __________ to click on it,” I said.

11 “Click on what?” she ___________, completely surprised.

12 “You should click on the attachment,” I ____________.

13 It was the first time my client ___________ a file!

Want to do more quizzes? You can order more here.


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