Instant Idiom: steal someone’s _________

steal someone’s _________– (Meaning 1:) do something that takes the attention away from something else, or (Meaning 2): take credit for something that someone else did.

Choose the right answer:

  1. thunder
  2. heart
  3. shenanigans
  4. coffee



scroll down for the answer



scroll some more




The right answer is:






Here are some examples of how you can use it:

Meaning 1: Cassie was really proud she had got to level 100 on her computer game, so I didn’t tell her I got to that level two years ago, because I didn’t want to steal her thunder.

Meaning 2: I was astounded (= very surprised) when Aiden explained his idea how to do our work faster in the team meeting, as I had told him that idea myself last week. It’s so unfair when someone steals your thunder!

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