Have (and has) in all its meanings

By Jacqueline Schaalje

You can use have in a few different ways.

Check out this infographic to read all the meanings and then you can do a quiz.

have infographic


Do this quiz online here.  

Choose the best way to complete the sentence.

1 I’m not having ______________ anymore!

This espresso

This terrible noise

This cute dog

2 Can I have ___________ for a sec?

Your love

Your attention

Your interest

3 Sorry, I have ___________ now. Come back tomorrow.

No time for this

A busy day

A baby

4 I have _______________________. Can we discuss it now?

Your email right here in front of me.

A can of soda in my bag.

A funny feeling in my stomach.

5 How many ___________ do you have?



Good friends

6 Don’t you have __________ for those poor people?

A hot meal


A good talk

7 She has _____________ and green eyes.

Two chickens

Curly brown hair

New shoes

8 Why do those trees never seem to have ____________?

New leaves

A fruitful conversation

A good opportunity

9 When are you having ___________?

Your little trip to Japan

Your telephone

Your best friend

10 Would you like to have _____________?

A video shop

The meeting in my room

An emergency

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