How to Talk about Percentages & Ratios in English

No math necessary for this!

By Jacqueline Schaalje

In the following presentation I’ll be talking a little bit about ratios.

Ratios explain what part or how many of something have a certain quality.

There are different ways to say this in English.

Also Check out this Song! If you’d like to check out a great song about ratios, listen to “One in Ten,” here, by UB40. You can read the lyrics or sing along here. 

The one in ten in the song are the people who are unemployed, or are poor and are “invisible” to the rest of the world.


Do this quiz online here. 

Choose a word to go into the blank.

Here is an example:

In Amrita’s village, one _________ of six people can’t read or write.

Answer: out

1 Youth unemployment has risen enormously in our country, so that one __________ four don’t have a job.

2 I’m betting one out ____________three will not finish this course, as it’s really hard.

3 Only 0.07 __________ of letters currently get lost in the UK, but still, it’s not very nice if it happens to you.

4 Our trains are always late: One out ____________ three doesn’t arrive on time!

5 Despite starting breastfeeding with lots of enthusiasm, only one __________ of new mothers manages to breastfeed exclusively for six months.

6 I’m going back to the shop: two out ___________ the four apples that I bought were mouldy (= rotten).

7 According to an article in the Daily Mail, women spend 3___________ of their day cleaning, while men only spend half of that time on household duties.

8 One ___________ six people hate cleaning.

9 Three ___________ four British people never clean their carpet, while 90 percent of Brits have one in their homes.

10 Pork isn’t a favourite meat for many people, yet it accounts for 50 ___________ of all meat consumption in the world.

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