Word to the Wise: Fumble

fumbleAJ Guel

fumble (verb) – to try to take something clumsily, to move (something) clumsily/nervously or make a mess of something

fumble (noun) – the act of fumbling or a blundering mess

fumblingly (adverb) – clumsily, nervously, messily, making mistakes

fumbler (noun) – a person who fumbles (in any of the meanings)

Here are some examples of how you can use it:

She fumbled for her phone while she was trying to keep her eyes on the road.

Try not to fumble with your pen when you’re in an interview.

He fumbled the key into the lock, but it wouldn’t turn.

My worst nightmare is that I will hit my head and I’ll have to fumble for my teeth on the floor.

She fumbled the joke, so that no one was laughing.

The football match was a big fumble with zero goals.

My boyfriend is a great fumbler.

“I am not a fumbler,” said the politician, after he had made another mistake.

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