Easy Practice of Past Simple – Irregular Forms with GH

By Jacqueline Schaalje

hide and seekStuart Pilbrow: Hide and Seek

Before I give you the exercise, have a look at the past simple forms of these verbs: 

Verb Past Simple
teach taught
catch caught
buy bought
bring brought
seek sought
fight fought
think thought

Note: Seek means to look for (search).

As you’ve noticed, all the verbs have ght in the past form.

They have au or ou.

Easy trick to remember:

The verbs with an a in the present have au in the past (there are only two).

All the other verbs have ou in the past.

For more about past simple irregular verb forms, click here. 


Do this quiz online here. 

Fill in the correct form of the verbs in the table above.

1 I never ______________ she could be so mean as not to return his calls.

2 After he got his teacher certificate, he _____________ at a high school.

3 She is proud of her new jeans that she ____________ at a discount.

4 Alistair threw the ball hard, but Mandy ____________ it.

5 Father ____________ fresh vegetables from the market.

6 You’re always complaining, said Grandpa, but you never ____________ for your lives like I had to do.

7 The company ____________ a new area manager for the South.


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