Word to the Wise: Purge

purgeNeal Jennings

purge (verb) – to throw things out, get rid of (can be people too)

purge (noun) – the act of throwing things out, getting rid of (can be people too)

purgation (noun) – means the same as purge, or cleaning


My inbox is full so now I must purge the messages I don’t need

Unless you purge your essay of spelling mistakes, your teacher isn’t even going to mark it.

We finally were brave enough for a thorough purge of our paper archive.

It’s time to purge our organization of corrupt members.

After the purge of dissidents, only half of the political party’s members were left.

A lot of people believe that fasting or only drinking water works as a purgation of the body.

In various religious rituals the body is washed as a symbol for the purgation of the soul.

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