Word to the Wise: invective  


invective (noun) – insulting, sarcastic or mean language

invective (adjective) – insulting, sarcastic or mean (about language) Note: not used a lot

invectively (adverb) – said in a way that is insulting, sarcastic or mean. Note: rarely used.

Examples of how you can use it:

In several undemocratic countries in the world you can hear a lot of anti-American invective.

Nativists use invective to stop immigration. They say that immigrants bring diseases, they’re undereducated and they will steal jobs from the country’s own people.

He used racist invective to indicate that he doesn’t like his Muslim neighbours.

The former president Ronald Reagan favourite invective about the Soviet Union was that it was an evil empire where people spy on each other.

The students’ invective protests angered the education minister, but she liked the rotten tomatoes thrown at her even less.

When he called them “little people” he was using those words invectively.

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