Word to the Wise: steady

steady (adjective) – stable and balanced

steady (verb) – to make or keep something in place

steadily (adverb) – in a way that is stable and balanced

steadiness (noun) – being stable and balanced

steady Garry Knight


He used a tripod to hold the camera steady.

Lucinda and Barry have been in a steady relationship since they met last summer.

The captain was trying to keep the ship steady on the heavy seas.

She missed a few lectures in the first semester, but she’s on a steady course now to finishing her first year with flying colours (= very successfully).

He’s looking for a steady job. He’s tired of small temporary jobs.

You need steady nerves if you want to be part of our customer service team, as you will have to deal with complaints and stressed-out clients.

The tennis player’s training schedule is steadily becoming more serious, as she will soon have to play in an important tournament.

The steadiness of the climate is something that many people mention when they explain why they love California.

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