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Does Everyone Have Their Books Open? – Words that Take a Singular Verb

By Jacqueline Schaalje


Look at the title of this article. Do you see a mistake there?

Most of my students are surprised that everyone goes with does and not with do. They think it strange that everyone is not with a plural verb.

Just remember, in English you say: Everyone has.

Not: Everyone have.

It could be that this works differently in your own native language.

In English, the following indefinite pronouns take a singular verb: (words like everyone are called indefinite pronouns).

Check out this infographic:

Indefinite Pronouns

Now try the quiz!


Do this quiz online here and check your answers.

Write the right singular or plural form of the verb in brackets (). Use only present tense.

Example: ___________ (be) everyone having a good time?

Answer: Is

1 __________ (do) everybody know where David lives?

2 ___________ (have) anyone seen my glasses anywhere?

3 She believes that no one ___________ (exist) with the same name.

4 Neither of the two friends ___________ (know) what time it is.

5 None of you __________ (be) right.

6 __________ (do) all of you speak English well?

7 Well, everything ___________ (look) organized and tidy.

8 __________ (have) neither of you seen Brokeback Mountain?

9 Not everyone __________ (be) able to run a marathon, or are they?

10 Each participant ___________ (introduce) himself in front of the group.

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