Automatic Dictionary when You’re Browsing

Did you know you can install a little program that lets you right-click on a word and you’ll see a dictionary definition, when you’re browsing the internet?

It means that you won’t need to use a dictionary when you’re using the internet, and you don’t need to leave the page. When you right-click on a word with your mouse, you’ll get a pop-up with the dictionary definition. The definitions used are from Google dictionary, and are in English. What, in English?? Yes, no panic. You want to use an English dictionary, all the time, because you learn more, better and faster English from this. If you keep translating into your own mother tongue, you will never get good English.

You need a small piece of software for this. Luckily, installing it is so easy that even I understand it. Should be easy for you too.

This only works when you use a laptop or pc. I’ve tried to find an app for telephones and tablets, but haven’t been able to find anything similar.

Underneath are links to the add-ons for different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Explorer).

If you’re using Firefox, click here to get the add-on.

dict for firefox

If you’re using Chrome, click here for the appropriate add-on.

For Explorer you can’t use the Google add-on, because Google and Windows aren’t friends, but you can follow this link to add the Free Dictionary Definitions. Scroll down to where it says “For Internet Explorer.” Then click on the link “Install add-on for Internet Explorer.”

After you’ve installed the add-on, it works in the same way as the Google Definitions. Right click your mouse on the word that you want an explanation of.

Good luck!

If you have any questions about this, send me an email, at jackie-s@013.net

By the way, I’ve thought of installing a dictionary on the English with a Smile website, but my developer said that some users would find it annoying, because it would show definitions when you hover over a word. (Hover means move over.) When you install the software, you can decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

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