Instant Idiom: raise a hue and …

raise a hue and __________– make a lot of noise about an issue to draw people’s attention

Choose the right answer:

  1. shout
  2. cry
  3. tears
  4. scream



scroll down for the answer



scroll some more




The right answer is:

hue and cryBIPIN




(In the past, hue and cry was the alarm to say when people saw a crime happening.) Follow this quite interesting link to learn more about hue and cry and how it is used today in law.

Here are some examples of how you can use it:

When the teacher said that dictionaries are not allowed in the exam, the students raised a hue and cry about it.

The city is full of smog, but no one seems to raise a hue and cry over it.

When a white police officer shoots a black man, you can expect a huge hue and cry.

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