Like, Similar and Both – Learning Language for Comparisons

icon06      By Jacqueline Schaalje

Click on the picture to watch the video. Then do the online quiz.



1 A sofa and a chair are ___________ things you can sit on.

2 I have brown hair _____________ my mother.

3 Li is a first-year student, ___________ his best friend Jason.

4 I’m trying to bake a carrot cake, _____________ to the one I bought at the bakery last week.

5 Our house and our neighbour’s house ____________ have a small garden.

6 Your telephone may cost more, but mine looks very much ____________ yours.

7 The dentist and her assistant are __________ very nice people.

8 ____________ to Shakespeare, Ben Jonson wrote plays.

9 His teacher told Amr that his essay was too much __________ Wikipedia.

10 I like ___________ these shirts, but I don’t have money for __________ of them.

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3 thoughts on “Like, Similar and Both – Learning Language for Comparisons

  1. I’m not sure that 8 makes sense. What it says to me is that plays (those of Ben Jonson) resemble a person (Shakespeare). I think we need an adverb here….


    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve reviewed it, but the comparison is between the two playwrights. To my mind, it’s impossible to interpret this sentence differently. I’d be curious to know what your suggestion would be to improve it?


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