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Conditionals Overview

See if you know them now: Do the Conditionals Mixed Quiz

By Jacqueline Schaalje

This is only for intermediate and advanced learners!

I don’t recommend trying to understand this article if you’re a beginning learner of English.

If you’re not quite sure, have a look again at some older articles that explain conditionals one by one. They’re here and here and here.

Otherwise check out this infographic with an overview of all the different kinds of conditionals, and then do the online quiz!

conditionals mixed


Type the correct form of the verbs in brackets ().

Link to online quiz here.

1 If you don’t like it here, just ________ (leave).

2 If you hadn’t mixed up their names, we _____________ (all be) good friends now.

3 If you send me the ticket today, I ______________ (pay) you back as soon as I can.

4 If I drink any more tea, I _________ (need) to go to the bathroom.

5 If the government ____________ (give) equal rights to all its citizens, protests wouldn’t have broken out.

6 As soon as I come home tonight, I ____________ (run) a nice hot bath.

7 If we all stopped using plastic bags, our planet _____________ (look) a lot cleaner.

8 If you scratch your finger over that plate again, I ___________ (scream).

9 If they’d serviced their car at regular intervals, it probably ___________ (break) down on them in the middle of their trip.

10 If Todd ____________ (be) more ambitious, he would achieve more in his career.


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