List of Auxiliary Verbs Infographic + Quiz

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Auxiliary verbs sounds very complicated, but all it means is helping verbs.

What are they helping? They are helping the main verb in a sentence.

Rule: if you see two verbs (or more) in a sentence, the first one is always the auxiliary verb.

If there are three verbs in the sentence, the first two are auxiliary verbs.

The last verb in the sentence is always the main verb.

This is how verbs work in English.

Here is an overview of all the auxiliary verbs in English:

Aux verbs

In case you still have some questions, check out this ridiculous video with a rap about auxiliary verbs.

Note: Modals are auxiliary verbs too. Modals = words such as

Now do the Quiz:

Fill in one of the following auxiliary/main verbs:

Do, does, did, am, are, is, was, were, have, had, will, would, be, being, been.

Do this quiz online here.

1 __________ you come here a lot?

2 Yes, I _______. I like dancing.

3 What _________ you say if I asked you to dance?

4 I ________ not mind.

5 Where __________ you from?

6 What ________ you say?

7 It ________ rather noisy in here. I asked where you ________ from.

8 Oh, I __________ from Notting Hill.

9 That _________ not far from where I live.

10 Really. You _________ dancing quite well.

11 Thanks. You ________ not doing so badly yourself.

12 Oh, I __________ not like this song.

13 _________ you want to have a drink?

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