Getting Fit, Stationary Bikes, Cardio and Everything You Need to Know about Going to a Health Club + Fitness Vocab Quiz

By Sylvia Cook

fitness2There are a few things that you can expect when going to a health club. First of all, there will probably be a lot for you to do and see. If you have never been to a health club before, a first trip might be a bit surprising. Here, we will look at the various things you are likely to see at a health club the first time that you go. We will also talk about some of the things you might see others doing there, as well.

Exercise Classes and Trainers

Most health clubs offer a social setting to exercise. While you are at a health club, expect to see large classes or groups of people engaged in various activities. Popular health club classes may include spinning classes (riding stationary bikes), yoga, dance, cardio classes, and even water fitness classes. People like these classes because they can work out with others, as opposed to doing it alone, under the supervision of an instructor. You might also see people training together with professionals called trainers. Trainers help people to get in their best shape by coaching them. They might offer tips, help, and even special training sessions to their customers.


Most health clubs have an area that resembles a gym for playing sports. There, you might see people enjoying activities like volleyball, soccer (football), basketball, or other more competitive activities. Some people like playing sports instead of just working out because there is a competitive aspect to such games. Competition (or the thrill of facing another person or team in a contest) drives some people to work harder and to exercise longer. Again, this is a sort of workout that can be done as a group, not alone.

Weight Room and Cardio Room

Most people who work together with a trainer or like to work out alone will be in either the weight room or the cardio room. These rooms are recognizable because they are the home to lots of exercise equipment. In the weight room you are likely to find equipment meant to build muscle. In the cardio room equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes (spin machines), and rowing machines are common. If you are curious as to how to use one of these machines, just ask one of the staff at the health club to show you, or someone else already using them.


Now do the Vocab Quiz, using the bold words from the article.

Type in one of the following words: various, stationary bikes, cardio, fitness, supervision, instructor, trainer, gym, competitive, work out, weight, equipment

Click here to do the online exercise, and check your answers.

1 I work on my __________ by doing knee bends and push-ups daily.

2 Isn’t a ____________ class one where a bunch of twenty-somethings are jumping to loud music?

3 Do you have time to ___________ every day?

4 The _________ of the shape class is one of the best, but she’s also very tough.

5 The __________ is spacious and people like to play sports there.

6 Jesse was doing chin dips under the ____________ of his personal trainer.

7 Women usually can’t push as much ____________ as men.

8 Our fitness room boasts the newest _____________, such as spinning bikes and steppers.

9 You can do ___________ activities in a health club: from swimming to lifting weights to taking a yoga class.

10 Whenever I visit the gym, I always find my friend Lizzy sweating on one of the ___________.

11 Is Madonna still working with a _________ every day, or does she know how to keep in shape by herself?

12 Basketball is a ___________ sport.

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