Back to School Apps


By Jacqueline Schaalje

It is time to head back to school! Starting school again is fun for most people, at least during the first week. For others, it can be a bit stressful. But do not worry. If you are stressed about it, there is probably a phone app that you can download to your smartphone to help. Here, we will look at a few of the best back to school apps that are out there. You may already have some of them installed.

Dictionary.Com’s App

Dictionary.com does exactly what you probably think it does: define English words for you. It can also provide you with a handy list of English words that mean the same thing as the word you are trying to look up. If you are learning English, this is a must.


iHomework is a simple app for keeping track of your homework. It can also let you keep up with your calendar in general. Use it to keep tabs of important dates, reminders, when teachers will be in their offices, when your classes are, and more. Best of all, it costs less than a dollar and is very simple to use.


Dropbox allows you to store all your completed assignments in one place. This can truly come in handy when you may be using more than one computer to finish your assignments. Access them from anywhere (even your phone) with this app. This app is free!

Google Drive

Google Drive works much like Dropbox. However, whereas Dropbox can only store completed assignments, Google Drive can actually help you do them. This free app allows you to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets, or just store your assignments. Plus, you can work on the things created here with more than one person when you have shared them.

iTunes U

Did you know that iTunes offers a free library of resources that you can use to educate yourself? They do! Universities and institutions from around the world have joined forces to make this vast digital archive possible. It contains books, lectures, videos, magazines, and more.


Facebook is, let’s face it, a free app that millions already use. However, keeping up with friends and loved ones while in school might not always be easy. That is where Facebook comes in. No matter how far away you are from your loved ones, you can connect with them instantly via messenger, posts, or personal status updates.

kidsingrasseasy year_Mary_14.09.14

English Apps

I’ve written a lot about English apps, and this year I was rather disappointed that nothing much was new when I scoured (= searched) through the Apple and Google Play Stores. You will locate the best apps when you put the following search terms in the search box:

  • Keyword no. 1. English: This leads to conversation apps, vocabulary apps and dictionaries (English-English or English-your language). For English learning, an English-English dictionary is preferable.

With conversation apps I mean apps where you can read and listen to English dialogues.

  • Keyword no. 2. English grammar: The best grammar apps are Grammar Up and the one that is made by the British Council. On Android devices, use keyword: Grammar up.
  • Keyword no. 3. English conversation: Here you’ll find a few more conversation apps that you may have missed when you only typed in “English.”

On the whole, you can trust apps that have 5 stars to be excellent stuff.

Happy Apping!

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