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Too Much or Not Enough: Easy Grammar

By Jacqueline Schaalje


Too + Adjective

Too + adjective means too much of something.

I put too much sugar in my coffee > My coffee is too sweet.

The temperature outside is 35C. > It’s too hot.

Adjective + enough means it’s just right.

You can use this for questions:

– Is the soup hot enough?

– Yes, it’s excellent. Thanks.

– Are those shoes big enough?

– No, actually, I think I need a bigger size.

Not Enough

If the soup is NOT hot enough, it means it’s too cold.

So: too and not enough are opposites.

The soup is not hot enough.

The shoes are not big enough.

The room isn’t light enough.


Use the adjective between brackets () and complete with too or enough.

You can do this quiz online here. 

1 What are you saying? The music here is __________. (loud)

2 I’m turning on the air conditioning. It’s ________ in here. (hot)

3 Roy doesn’t know the answer to question 3. It’s __________. (difficult)

4 This weight is heavy. I’m not ____________ to lift it. (strong)

5 Bert likes his chilli spicy. He won’t find this dish ___________. (spicy)

6 It’s five o’clock. It’s __________ now to eat lunch. (late)

7 My coat has hung over the heating for an hour, but still it’s not ___________ to  wear. (dry)

8 Let’s not eat here. This place looks ___________ for our budget. (expensive)

9 The noodles are a bit hard. They’re not _________. (cooked)

10 I don’t think Ros and Stuart are going to succeed in their business. They’re simply not ____________. (professional )

If you’d like to do more exercises, check out the free exercises on the website or make an order to become an exclusive member to receive more quizzes.

9 thoughts on “Too Much or Not Enough: Easy Grammar

  1. Hi Shakyba,
    What do you need to do for your university exam?
    Please tell me and I will try to give you some tips. Basically, you’d have to learn all the easy grammar articles on my blog and do the beginner grammar exercises on my website (Englishwithasmile.net).
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  2. Dear Miss.
    I m your student since before 3 years,m very poor for English grammar,confuse some about grammar, so I need your help,how can i go up?two times i felt at University exam…pleas be kind and can tell me up..


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