Making Questions in Future Progressive (or Continuous)

As you know you can use will for the future.

As in:

1 I will see you next Wednesday.

You can also say:

2 I will be seeing you next Wednesday.

Whats the difference? 

In 1, we’re using the simple future.

In 2, we’ve used future progressive tense. (or future continuous)

The future progressive tense is used for things that are sure to happen.

Another example. Whats the difference between these two sentences?

3 The Thompsons will go to Venice for a short break.

4 The Thompsons will be going to Venice for a short break.

Again, sentence 4, the one with future progressive, is more certain than sentence 3 which uses simple future.

In the following exercise you need to ask questions with the future progressive. Read the example question first:

They’ll be going surfing Saturday morning.

Your question: Will they be going surfing Saturday morning?

surfingJoao Trindade

It’s not the easiest exercise, but I hope you’ll manage!


You may do this exercise online here.

1 We’ll be meeting for breakfast at 7.30 today.

Your question:

2 The restaurant will not be opening before 8 o’clock.

Your question:

3 The designer won’t be answering his phone when he’s designing.

Your question:

4 Those tulips won’t be blooming until March.

Your question:

5 I’ll be ordering the fish, as usual.

Your question:

6 The storm will be reaching our town tomorrow afternoon.

Your question:

7 The bus will be stopping for a break at the northern service station.

Your question:

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