Less and Least – Easy! With video and quiz

by Jacqueline Schaalje

less and least

Watch the video about less and least here, and then try the quiz.

Quiz You can do this quiz online if you follow this link. Choose less or least.

1 Dr Seuss is ___________ difficult to read than Dr Zhivago.

2 Africa is ____________ developed than Europe.

3 Which country is the ____________ developed in Europe?

4 Statistics is the ____________ interesting subject that we’re studying this semester.

5 Let’s say these t-shirts are the _________ dirty, so I’ll wear these today.

6 Yasmin thinks coffee is __________ tasty when you add sugar.

7 Your house is _______ far, so I’ll take you home first.

8 Answer B is _________ true, I think, so I’ll choose answer A.

9 A lamp in the corner will make the room __________ dark.

10 Of the three horses in the meadow, the brown one is the ___________ shy.

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