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Summer in Austria, Plus Travel Vocabulary Quiz

By Jacqueline Schaalje

Read this article about holidaying in Austria and then do the travel vocabulary quiz. Not hard at all!

Mautern Marc Siegert

Enjoy the Amazing and Unforgettable summers in Mauterndorf

Mauterndorf is one of the finest summer destinations you can think of. Located in Austria, in Central Europe, tourists love this place. Known for its thrilling outdoor activities, tourists from different parts of the world come here to have a great time, sometimes bringing their kids. There are lots of things that you can do here, so get ready to explore Mauterndorf.

Things to do in Mauterndorf

You will never have a dull moment in Mauterndorf. Here are some ideas:

Explore nature

Mauterndorf is a very beautiful place known for its scenic beauty and landscapes. The summers are sunny. The town has a historic centre and a castle from the 13th century. Many people come to celebrate the Medieval Festival, at the beginning of July. People dress up as jugglers, card players and players to show life in the Middle Ages. The atmosphere in the town is very peaceful. The Salzburg Mountain is a beautiful backdrop to Mauterndorf.

Mountain climbing/biking

mautern cable (2)

The Grosseck-Speiereck mountain is great for mountain climbing. There are instructors to guide you and provide the necessary assistance. If you are a newbie, it is important to seek advice or you may spoil the experience. So enjoy the mountain climbing with your friends and have a thrilling experience. Mouintain biking can be risky too. If this is your first time, try an easy trail.


Hiking is yet another interesting activity that is loved by tourists. Mauterndorf is considered a great destination for hiking, with trails at 2,000 metres varying from easy to difficult. There are huts, restaurants, ski lodges during your climb, so you’ll have lots of chances to take a rest. During the summers, hiking is usually at the peak therefore there is a huge crowd of people. If you’re feeling lazy, take the cable car to the top.

mautern cable Elade Manu

Fun Park for Kids

If you are travelling with your kids, you may look for entertainment sources that interest them. SMARTY’s Kinderland (Children’s Paradise) is a fun amusement park. There are lots of swings and slides that you kids will love. You may love the magic carpet yourself! Grown-ups will also love the Adventurous Three; this includes a historic railway trip by steam train.

You can say that Mauterndorf is a perfect place for both kids and adults. If you are tired of boring summers, come to Mauterndorf which is an awesome place.

Vocabulary Quiz

You can do the quiz online if you follow this link.

Fill in the correct term from this list (the words in bold from the text):

destination, unforgettable, explore, dull, scenic, atmosphere, risky, trail, crowd, railway

1 Mountain climbing can be ____________ if you’ve never done it before and you don’t carry the right equipment.

2 The __________________ system in Japan is excellent; there are fast trains between all the major cities.

3 Why are we walking in this high grass? We’ve lost the _____________.

4 If we ______________ the flea market well, we might find some nice souvenirs to bring home.

5 The valley with the blue river in the middle had a ______________ road across it.

6 What’s the ____________ of this flight? I thought this plane was flying to Brussels.

7 Hiking the Anapurna Trail was an ______________ experience. I’ll never forget the stunning landscapes.

8 The visitors to the concert were buzzing and everyone was happy. There was a great _______________.

9 There were jugglers and acrobats in the square and a big _____________ had gathered to watch them.

10 You will never have a ___________ moment at this theme park.

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