Easy Dialogue Website


I’m always happy to recommend a good website for English learners. I’ve sent the link to this website to a few students of mine and they loved it! The Easy Dialogs website offers you many entertaining dialogues about different subjects, such as daily life, restaurants, health, entertainment and even dating.

The dialogues are spoken in American English.

Click on the link at the top of the screen where it says: “Listen,” or click on play on one of the audio players icons.

How should you listen to these dialogues? Some further tips.

It says that these are easy conversations. But easy doesn’t mean very easy. And some dialogues are in what I would say is intermediate English. There are also a lot of little jokes that a real beginner would probably miss. So don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, and:

Tip 1: Listen only to the conversations that you understand.
If you are a beginner, I recommend you skip the dialogues that you don’t understand right away. First listen to the conversations that talk about subjects that you know. If the conversation is too hard, just move on and come back to it some other time.

Tip 2: Listen to the same conversation several times.
It’s impossible to understand the conversation all in one go. Come back to the same conversation again and again. One time you could listen for the general content. Then listen again to understand the content. The third time, listen to the accent. How do the speakers say the verbs? How do they say the nouns? Then listen again to listen how they pronounce the names (of people, cities, etc.). Finally, listen to how the speakers intone the sentences: the tone is going down for statements, but if they ask a question the tone goes up.

Tip 3: You do the speaking.
First try to repeat the sentence or question after the speaker. If you can do that, say the answer in the place of the recorded actor. If you want to do advanced practice, try to ask the questions in the place of the actor. Naturally, for these exercises you’ll need to stop (pause) the audio file.

Have fun practising!

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