How to Effortlessly Write an Abstract


We’ll look at some useful phrases you can use when you’re writing an abstract of your paper.

First of all:

What’s an abstract?

An abstract is a summary of your study, essay or project. It’s normally used for scientific or academic projects, but you can also use an abstract for other kinds of projects. Because an abstract is only one paragraph, the reader can quickly decide whether reading the full article or study will be worth his or her time.

Your abstract should contain the title of your essay/study/project, and the next line will have the name of the author(s).

In the abstract you’re expected to write the following things:

– Your motivation for doing this project/essay etc.

– How you did this project

– What the results were

– The conclusions and implications or predictions for the future.

I found this YouTube video very practical too.

Here are some useful phrases: 

This essay/project/study covers …

An analysis yields/shows …

This study enhances/increases our knowledge/understanding of …

This study is part of a growing interest in …

This project will contribute to further research in …

This study is an examination of …

My work involves …

The objective/purpose of this project was to show …

To examine these questions, I …

My discovery suggests …

Future studies will focus on …

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