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Don’t Want to Read a Book? Read a Magazine instead


For those of you who’ve been following me, I believe that reading a lot is the key to improving your English. Not just talking a lot. You need to learn new words and new ways to express yourself.

I know there are some people who don’t like reading. This is weird to me, as I love reading and think my days are wasted when I’m unable to read something good.

Reading can make your life rich and interesting. There are many things you will never find out if you don’t read books. Not everything is on TV or on the Internet!

You don’t want to read a book? Okay, I understand. Books are long. So try a magazine.

Amazon has lots of great deals for magazine subscriptions that you can download onto your computer, phone or tablet. They start at $6 a year, but watch the page with special deals. They frequently offer free trials.

You can find magazines for every taste and every interest.

Some titles on offer: 



Fine Gardening

Popular Science

Technology Review

Men’s Health

Runner’s World



National Geographic

All the downloaded magazines come in full-colour pictures, as if you’re leafing through the paper magazine.

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