What do you say when you’re at the Dentist? – Three Dialogues

Not a great subject for many people, but might come in handy when you’re abroad and you need a dentist. Or when you’re a dentist and your patient speaks English. Here are three sample dialogues:

Dental Check-up – Dialogue 1 

Patricia: Hello, Doctor.
Dr. Allen: Good morning, Ms Lumley. Good to see you. What can I do for you today?

Patricia: I’m fine, but I’ve been having some gum pain recently. There is some bleeding when I brush my teeth.
Dr. Allen: Well, let’s have a look. Please lie back and open your mouth…. thanks.

Patricia: (after being examined) How does it look?
Dr. Allen: Nothing very serious. Do you have a lot of bleeding when you brush your teeth or just a little bit?

Patricia: Just a little bit.
Dr. Allen: That’s good. I can see some inflammation of the gums. I think we should also do a new set of X-rays.

Patricia: Why do you say that? Is something the matter?
Dr. Allen: No, no, it’s just standard procedure every year. It looks like you may have a small cavity though.

Patricia: That’s not good news.
Dr. Allen: There is just one and it looks superficial. Here, put on this protective apron.

Patricia: Thank you.
Dr. Allen: (after taking the X-rays) Good news. I don’t see any evidence of further decay between the teeth.

Patricia: Oh, that’s a relief.
Dr. Allen: So what we’ll do is clean your gums really well and get your tooth filled.

Patricia: Can we do it now?
Dr. Allen:  I’m afraid you’ll need to make a new appointment, because there is another patient waiting. I’ll see you in a few days!


At the Dental Hygienist – Dialogue 2 

Patricia: Hello.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: Hello Ms Lumley. I’m Aygun. I’ll be cleaning your teeth today.

Patricia: Dr. Allen has just filled a cavity. He advised me to ask you how I can clean my teeth even better. Does cleaning your teeth really prevent tooth diseases?
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: It sure does. That’s why it’s so important to come in for cleaning twice a year.

Patricia: Why so often? I brush and I floss every day.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: Everybody gets plaque, even if they floss regularly. Are you using a mouth wash?

Patricia: No. Should I?
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: No, you don’t have to. But if you have inflammation of the gums it might help to kill off the bacteria.

Patricia: OK, I’ll try it.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: Now, I’ll first remove the plaque. (working) Please drink some water and rinse your mouth.

Patricia: Ah, that feels better already. How often do I need to floss?
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: At least once a day, before you go to bed. During the day you can also use wooden or plastic dental sticks to clean your teeth after a meal. Do you want me to show you how to use them?

Patricia: Please.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: Like so, between the teeth, do you see? Now, if you’d like, I’ll apply some fluoride. This costs extra.

Patricia: I don’t think I need fluoride.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: Very well. Now, let me give your teeth a final flossing and polishing to make them shine.

Patricia: (after finishing the cleaning) I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. Thank you very much.
Aygun the Dental Hygienist: My pleasure. Remember to floss every day, and should you get any new bleeding in your gums, come to see us right away.


Dental Check-up – Dialogue 3 

Dan: Good afternoon, Doctor.
Dr. Allen: Good afternoon, Dan. How are you doing today?

Dan: Not so good. I’ve been having a lot of tooth pain recently. (pointing to his right cheek).
Dr. Allen: Well, let’s take a look. Please recline and open your mouth…. great. How long have you had this pain?

Dan: A few days. But it’s getting worse.
Dr. Allen: Well, I can see this tooth here on the right is infected. But before I say more I think we’d better take some X-rays.

Dan: Am I going to lose the tooth?
Dr. Allen: It looks like it, but let’s see after the photos. Here, put on this protective apron.

Dan: OK.
Dr. Allen: (after taking the X-rays) The positive news is that your gums and the adjacent teeth are healthy. But I need to extract the tooth.

Dan: Can we do it right now?
Dr. Allen: Yes, but what I’d like to do next is give you a new tooth.

Dan: Really? Sure. How?
Dr. Allen: Well, an implant would be the best option. I recommend capping it with a ceramic crown.

Dan: That sounds great! Is it expensive?
Dr. Allen: I’ll just pull the tooth first so it won’t bother you anymore, and do some cleaning. And then I’ll take you to my assistant to give you a price offer. How’s that?

Dan: Fine with me.
Dr. Allen: OK, so first I’m going to make sure you won’t feel any pain.

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