Of and To – A Few Quick Rules

When do you use of and when do you use to?

Here are some rules to keep in mind:



1 belonging to someone or something:

This is the house of William Shakespeare.

I like the cover of this book.

She lives in the north of London.

It’s kind of you to help me.

I’m thinking of you.


2 made of:
This desk is made of wood.

The blanket is made of wool.


3 with:

I’d like two cups of coffee.

Let’s have a bottle of wine with our dinner.


4 a part of:

He liked only some of the students.

I’ve read some of those books.


5 from:
They live south of Birmingham.

He died of heart disease.


helpEd Yourdon


1 transferring:

I gave the package to Ronda.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


2 until:

The banks open from Monday to Friday.

Our staff works from 9 to 5.


3 destined (getting to a place)

The train takes us to the airport.

We’re flying to Pittsburgh.


4 before an infinitive (the main form of the verb)

It’s kind of you to help me.

What time are you going to have lunch?



Now youre going to choose between of and to:

Do this quiz online here and check your answers:

1 We want ______ hike to the top _______ the mountain.

2 He’s top _______ his class in physics.

3 The leg _______ the table has broken.

4 I’m sick ______ this rain all the time.

5 The ship sailed ______ the shore.

6 Her holiday is from 14 July ______ 28 July.

7 It’s five _____ eight.

8 Her mother died ______ cancer.

9 I’d like three pounds ______ apples.

10 Are your earrings ______ gold?

11 Have you heard ______ a great Japanese movie called “The wife _______ Dr. Hanaoka?”


Would you like to do more quizzes: First of all there are lots of free quizzes on the website. For a small fee you can also become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member and receive more quizzes that are made especially for you and that are not available for the free members. Check it out here.

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