Verbs Verbs Verbs – Verb Conjugation Quiz

By Miranda Carter

jumpEvil Erin

Every sentence has a verb, or a word used to describe an action. It is important for English speakers to be able to identify verbs so that they can speak properly. Can you identify a verb? Great! If not, maybe you have time to do a little review?
Can you identify the correct verb form to complete a sentence? Test your knowledge with this quiz, which you can do online here.


1. All of the basketball players are good at ____________.

A. Jump

B. Jumping

C. Jumped


2. I have never ____________ to California.

A. Be

B. Be’d

C. Been


3. She never thought she’d ____________ enough time to take a vacation.

A. Have

B. Has

C. Hadn’t


4. Jenny’s stove isn’t working, so the rice isn’t ____________.

A. Cooking

B. Cook

C. Cooked


5. Maybe if you try ____________ the water, the sink will drain.

A. Run

B. Running

C. Ran


6. She always ____________ her nails.

A. Painting

B. Painted

C. Paints


7. Make sure you have enough energy before you try ____________ down that hill.

A. Skiing

B. Ski

C. Skis


8. Before he could ask where she was ____________, the mysterious lady was already ____________.

A. Go/Gone

B. Going/Gone

C. Gone/Gone


9. At the conference, the teacher told parents what students ____________ last month and what they ____________ earlier that day.

A. Learned/Learned

B. Learned/Learning

C. Learn/Learned


10. Never forget to ____________ your face after you ____________ your teeth.

A. Washing/Brushed

B. Wash/Brushed

C. Wash/Brush


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