Seem and Seem to Be – Video

Check out the Video!


After you’ve watched the video, do the quiz online, so you can check your answers immediately.


Seem or Seem to Be

Choose between seem or seem to be.

1 We didn’t rent the cottage. Although it __________ very cute, it was too small.

2 I met Clem once. He ___________ a nice man.

3 It’s freezing outside and it _________ that the roads are getting slippery.

4 We’ve been working hard on our project and it ___________ we are getting close to a breakthrough.

5 They were gossiping about Rachel because she ____________ pregnant.

6 I don’t know why he’s not speaking to me. He ___________ annoyed with me.

7 The spider didn’t ____________ alive when I picked it up, but suddenly it started moving. Creepy.

8 Craig doesn’t have a girlfriend. He __________ to spend his weekends alone.

9 Graham ____________ tired.

10 The meeting ____________ at 3 ‘clock this afternoon.

11 Pam and Sam _____________ very much in love.

Answers are here.

If you’d like to do more exercises, you can order them here.

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