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You Could Make a Jump in Your Business English Using These Tips

By Yuri Worrell


®Mary Vertulfo

Business English is something that is becoming more important every day. The world uses English more and more for trade and business. Even for doing business with regions as China and Europe, English has proven itself to be invaluable. So it is important that you improve your Business English, so that you can do more effective business in English. But how do you improve your Business English the most effectively? In this article I’m going to give you great ways to do just that.

Practice via job interviews

Job interviews are the perfect preparation if you are about to do more business in English. The job interviews that you have can either be fake or real: but especially if you are soliciting for a new job, it is better that you already have your Business English in order. One option is that you practice with a friend or family member. If he or she asks you difficult questions that relate to work, you will improve very quickly in Business English. Ask your interviewer for help if you cannot find an answer!

Read newspapers and magazines

If you read newspapers and magazines that are relevant to the field you work in, you can drastically expand the amount of words you know (and which relate to your business or industry). Be sure to – for example – check out The Economist or The Financial Times to force yourself to puzzle. This way your vocabulary will make a huge jump.

Participate in business blogs

If you like what you do in your work, it might also be a great idea to participate in business blogs. There are loads of blogs that write about business topics that you want to learn more about. If you comment on those blogs, you participate in communities that will help you expand your vocabulary and eventually help you formulate better sentences with regards to your business industry.

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2 thoughts on “You Could Make a Jump in Your Business English Using These Tips

  1. I think with business English we need to understand the importance of 7 C’s i.e. Correctness, Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness, Consideration, Concreteness and Courtesy. It almost cover everything. I also agree that job interviews are a good platforms for preparation. Thanks for sharing post, Glad reading 🙂


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