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99% of English Learners Need This: Building Your Vocabulary

By Natasha Nixon

Ros Webb1_24.02.14®Ros Webb

Have you ever wondered how you can build on your English vocabulary?  There are some excellent ways for you to try.  These can be used every day.  The more you do these the better your vocabulary will become.

Vocabulary Tips

You could start an English learning blog.  You could utilize this blog by writing in it every day.  This is an excellent way to use any of the new words that you have learned.  If you aren’t comfortable with doing a blog you could just write in a diary.  Both of these are excellent ways of using new words.  This will also work on your writing skills as well.  You will not only be working on your vocabulary but you will also be working on your writing, as well.

If you listen to audio books, this will help you in your quest of learning new words.  By listening to these audio books you will not only hear the new words but you will also have the opportunity to hear how they are pronounced.  You could also have the book in a written form so that you can see how the words are spelled.  When you hear new words by saying them out loud it will help you in how they sound.

More Tips

Another way to enhance your vocabulary could be to create flashcards.  These flashcards could be used to help you in learning these new words.  Another interesting thing to do with them is you could add a picture to the front.  For example if the word is fishbowl.  You could draw a fishbowl on the front and have the word on the back.  This will help in reinforcing your knowledge of the words.

As you are reading and learning English you will find that words which you have already learned will catch your eye.  If there is a topic which interests you, then you may find that it will be easier to learn.  Reading on these particular topics will help you not only gain more vocabulary but also more knowledge on the subject.

Enhancing your vocabulary is very important.  There are so many ways for you to achieve this.  The different ways will only help you by enhancing your knowledge of the English language.  You will find that each individual learns in different ways.  Once you find your knack of learning you will excel in your learning.

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