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Irregular Verbs – Some More Practice

Irregular verbs aren’t nice. They aren’t fun. They’re used way too much and they always surprise you, because they’re always different. Just when you thought that you discovered the rule for one verb, like sing, sang, sung, another common verb goes: sit, sat, sat.

Just when you had figured out that forms like bought, thought, fought and brought are always with ou, there’s taught and fraught just to tease you.

I think that learning rules for irregular verbs are a waste of time. So are learning lists of words. If you do many exercises, read a book now and then, and speak English wherever you can, you’ll automatically learn to use the correct verbs.

You should practise a lot! It’s the best way to learn. Of course you can use a list of irregular verbs to assist you when you get stuck. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with irregular verbs. You will get better and there are only a few hundred of them!! Click here to go to a list of the most common irregular verbs.


Swim swam swum                         Simon Welsh

Irregular Verbs Exercise:

Irregular Verbs – Past simple

Fill in the past simple form of an irregular verb.

Example:  Yesterday we _______ (go) to the theatre.

Answer: went


1.  She       (hear) on the radio that Justin Bieber was coming.
2.  Mother       (hold) the baby.
3.  The lecturer       (speak) about the importance of reducing CO2.
4.  Clark       (spend) 150 dollars on his glasses. What a waste!
5.  I       (wake) up only at 9.30 because my alarm clock had been disconnected.
6.  A car thief       (steal) my phone from the car.
7.  At that moment, the host       (come) down the stairs.
8.  The dog       (swim) across the river.
9.  They       (meet) at her sister’s wedding, and last week they       (get) married themselves.
10.  My boss and I       (have) a not so pleasant conversation.
11.  Her birthday       (fall) on a Friday.
12.  He       (read) comics books all during the weekend.

For the answers: Scroll down.











1. heard

2. held

3. spoke

4. spent

5. woke

6. stole

7. came

8. swam

9. met

10. had

11. fell

12. read

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