You’re The One – How to Use One and Ones

You can use “one” or “ones” to talk about something that you’ve mentioned before.


As in this example:

Do you like this puppy or the other one? I like this one.

“One” refers (points) to puppy.



by Tenaciousdrey

Another example:

If you’re making a cup of tea for yourself, can you make another one for me?


An example with “ones:”

Where did you buy those shoes? I’ve bought these ones in a sale.

As you could have guessed, “ones” is the plural of “one.” We’re talking about shoes, which is two shoes, so we should use “ones.”



Choose one or ones.

1.  We’ve run out of batteries. I should buy some new ____________.
2.  You need a car to get around in the city, but unfortunately I don’t have _____________.
3.  I had to laugh about your joke. That was a good ____________.
4.  I have a blue dress and a black one. Which _________ am I going to wear?
5.  Many dinosaurs were carnivores, but the largest _____________ didn’t eat meat.
6.  This nature reserve is the only _____________ where you can see cute hyrax.
7.  Squirrels aren’t the only ____________ that hide stocks of food for the winter.
8.  Richard III was defeated by an Earl, but I don’t remember which _____________.
9.  Only time will tell if the advice she gave me was the right ____________.
10.  The artist’s new album is fantastic: every song is even greater than the previous ________________.
11.  I don’t have a barbecue pan, but we can borrow __________ from the neighbours.

For the answers, please scroll down.









1. ones

2. one

3. one

4. one

5. ones

6. one

7. ones

8. one

9. one

10. one

11. one

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