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Come and Go

Go and come depend on your view:

If someone or something is leaving you, they are going.

If they are moving towards you, they are coming.


Here are some examples:


Where did you go this afternoon? Did you go to the park?

They’re going on a trip to Marrakech.



Are you coming to our barbecue this Friday?

Bella asked her friend to come on the trip with her.





Fill in: come or go.


1.  I’m at a live performance at the pub. Why don’t you____________  too?
2.  Would you like to ____________  with me to a movie?
3.  They always ____________  on a trip in the summer.
4.  She doesn’t get that it’s over. She’s still hoping he’ll ___________back.
5.  I have to ___________  home now. My girlfriend will be waiting.
6.  “Thanks for a lovely dinner.” ” ____________  again whenever you like.”
7.  Would you like to __________  out tonight or stay in?
8. _____________  and take a tour of our city. You’ll love it.
9.  Can you ____________  here a minute? I want to show you something.
10.  Where is Tim? He’s ____________  to the bank.



For the answers, scroll down.









  1. Come
  2. Come
  3. Go
  4. Come
  5. Go
  6. Come
  7. Go
  8. Come
  9. Come
  10. Gone

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