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Review: English at Home Learning English Website

As you’ve probably found out for yourself, there are a number of English learning websites out there that promise to help you acquire fantastic English. I’ve found one that is excellent for teaching you basic English. It’s called English at Home. It’s quite nice! Like my own website, it gives you the option to subscribe to a newsletter that promises to send you new lessons regularly.

The site offers articles and lessons containing useful phrases that you can use in your everyday life. Such as banking, ordering a babysitter, and being comfortable during meetings. There is a tiny section with quizzes; unfortunately it isn’t very developed (yet?). There is a whole section about grammar; the articles here are concise and clear, although practice material is lacking.

Another section about pronunciation explains in a few articles what you can expect from pronunciation practice when you’re an adult learner (I don’t agree with everything that is said, but you can form your own opinion about it…). There is some sound advice here. The most useful tip is how you can employ a dictionary to learn how to pronounce a word.

Overall, I think the best section is “Speaking English,” because it talks about lots of interesting and useful subjects, and there are many expressions that you can use right away. What is so good about the articles is that they really use common language.

Speaking English at Home

Speaking Website: Record Your Own Voice and Become a Pro Speaking English

The makers of English@home also have a speaking website. It’s called English Speaking Online.

By far the most useful section is the “English Speaking Exercises” area. You’ll find it on the right side of the page in the middle, or click this link: .

You’ll be offered a number of audio exercises where you hear a short dialogue about shopping, asking for someone on the phone, greetings, and meetings with friends or colleagues.

The website can be connected to your computer (it asks for your permission first). You speak the sentence into your microphone, and it’s recorded.

After you finish, you can listen to your own voice, and listen back to the English speaker saying the sentence. You will then have a pretty good idea about how well you’ve done.

You can record your own voice as many times as you like. I haven’t tried this on a mobile phone, but it probably works as well.

You could easily spend a rainy afternoon on this.

Have fun!

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