Subject and Object Pronouns: I, You, He, She, Etc.

Everybody knows how to use I, you, she, he, it, we, and they.

These little words are called pronouns.

They’re used as the subject of a sentence. That’s why they are called subject pronouns. The subject is the person or the thing that does something in the sentence.


I walk to the grocery store.

You study very hard.

He is at home.

We enjoyed the movie last night.

On Wednesday they won the ball game.

Now we can also have a pronoun that is the object of the sentence. The object is someone or something that the subject does something with, or that receives the action.


1 Ferdinand played with the dog.

The dog is the object (he is played with).

You can also say: Ferdinand played with him.

2 Aiden wrote Lucinda a letter.

Lucinda is an object, because she receives the letter. And “a letter” is an object because it is what Aiden wrote.

You can also say: Aiden wrote her a letter.

Object pronouns are: me, you, her, him, it, us, and them.

If you have a preposition in your sentence, such as “with,” “for,” or “to,” they will most usually be followed by an object.


I studied the newspaper ad with her. “Her” is an object pronoun.

It’s between you and me. “You” and “me” are object pronouns.

you and me

Exercise 1

Use only object pronouns (me, you, her, him, it, us, them)


Father cooked ____________ (we) a nice dinner.

Father cooked us a nice dinner.

1 Please give ____________ (she) the letter.

2 My brother did it for ____________ (I).

3 Don’t you have any money on ____________ (you)?

4 I don’t know how to pronounce ______________ (it).

5 I’ve been working on _____________ (it) for a week.

6 We hadn’t seen _____________ (they) for two months.

7 It would be most convenient for _____________ (we) if we had the meeting on Friday.

8 He helped ____________ (she) with her bag.


Exercise 2 Mixed

Use subject pronouns and object pronouns.

1 You and ___________ (I) have some important business to discuss.

2 ___________ (it) is a cold winter morning.

3 I haven’t told ___________ (they) yet.

4 She told __________ (he) what the problem was.

5 They don’t want __________ (I) to help __________ (they).

6 It was already late when ___________ (we) went to bed.

7 This sweater is too small for ___________ (I).

8 A police officer was looking at ___________ (we) as if __________ (we) had done something wrong.

9 My sister and ___________ (I) read the same book.


The answers to these exercises are given at the bottom of this page.










Exercise 1

1 her

2 me

3 you

4 it

5 it

6 them

7 us

8 her


Exercise 2

1 I

2 It

3 them

4 him

5 me, them

6 we

7 me

8 us, we

9 I

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