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More Easy Grammar – Future

will talk

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We’re going to start simple.

Simple future is future with “will” + the first (basic) form of the verb. If you don’t know what the basic form of the verb is, go here: https://englishwithasmile.org/2013/06/04/how-to-recognize-the-basic-form-of-a-verb/

Use future when you talk about something that somebody is going to do in the future (not now).


I will talk to you soon. (tomorrow or in the coming days)

She will buy a camera with the money she has saved.

We will study English this summer.

You can also use “be + going to” in the above sentences. NB There are some differences between will and going to, but that’s slightly more advanced. (We will talk about this some time).

You can also use will + a basic verb when you expect something is going to happen:

He will change his plans if you ask him.

I expect her train will come in at 4.15.

The negative form of will is “will not,” or “won’t” for short.


I’m busy tonight, so I won’t come to the pub.


If you’d like to learn more about the future, have a look at this article about promises with will:


Here’s an online exercise with will. (easy) 

Or you can do this one underneath, with answers at the bottom of the page.


Use the future form of the verb.


This fence is old. We _________ (paint) it.

We will paint it.

1 The Davises bought a new house, and they ___________ (move) in the coming weeks.

2 _____________ you ____________ (ask) Troy to have dinner with us?

3 The boys ______________ (play) football after school.

4 The meeting _______________ (begin) in 30 minutes.

5 I ________________ (have) the steak, please.

6 You _________________ (find) English people very friendly.

7 I expect Amanda _______________ (come) home by midnight.

8 You __________________ (trip) over that cable. You should move it.

9 She says she _______________ (buy) the theatre tickets tomorrow.

10 ___________ the report _________ (be) ready in time?

You will find the answers to this exercise at the bottom of the page.








1 will move

2 Will you ask

3 will play

4 will begin

5 will have

6 will find

7 will come

8 will trip

9 will buy

10 Will the report be

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