Easy Grammar – The Question of Who


Photo by Russell James Smith

You already know that you can ask questions in Present Simple with “do” and “does.”

An article with exercises is here: https://englishwithasmile.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=586&action=edit

Or freshen up your knowledge of Present Simple here: https://englishwithasmile.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=363&action=edit

However, questions with “who” are different.

If you ask a question with who, you don’t use “do” or “does.” (only if “who” is the subject).

Here are some examples that show you this:

1 Who sits next to him?

As you can see, no “does” here.

If you say or write: “Who does sit next to him,” it’s a mistake.

2 Who reads the New York Times?

If you say or write: “Who does read the New York Times,” it’s wrong.

Note: questions with “who” are usually in the singular (about one person), unless you know you’re talking about more than one person.

Example: We’re talking about the fact that older people read books.

So you can ask: Who read a lot of books? (Answer: older people.)



Ask questions about the following sentences.


Ellen lives next to Joe.

Who lives next to Joe?

1 The teacher stands in front of the class. – Who … ?

2 The driver drives a bus. – Who … ?

3 The students ride their bikes to college. – Who … ?

4 The gardener works in the garden. – Who … ?

5 My friends writes notes on her tablet. – Who … ?

6 Ken uses a dictionary. – Who … ?

7 My boyfriend loves me. – Who … ?


You can check your answers at the bottom of this page.









1 Who stands in front of the class?

2 Who drives a bus?

3 Who ride their bikes to college?

4 Who works in the garden?

5 Who writes notes on her tablet?

6 Who uses a dictionary?

7 Who loves me?

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