Eating Watermelon Again! – Summer Activities

What are some activities that you can do in the summer?

You will find out in the following presentation, which will help you talk about your or your friends’ holidays confidently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH95T-ZZ-PM

This link takes you to YouTube.

Important note for when you watch/read the presentation. Um, notes.

In English you say:

I go swimming. It can be in different tenses: I will go swimming. I went swimming. I’m going swimming. I’m going to go swimming. Etc.

Please don’t say: I make swimming. Why is this such a bad mistake (but heard very often)? Make is not the right verb here. Make is for creating things; you can make sandwiches or you can make a drawing. Making is for things that you make new. Activities are never with make.

And please don’t say: I do swimming. This is a little better than “make swimming,” but more natural would be to say I practise swimming.

Of course you can also say: I love swimming. Or: I love to swim. (They are the same.)


Here are some activities with the verb “go:”

I go dancing.

I go roller skating.

I go cycling/biking.

I go sailing.

I go horse riding.


And the last note: for sports games you say: I play tennis. You can’t say: I go playing tennis.

Some sports and activities that you can use with play are:

I play golf.

I play water polo.

I play beach volleyball.


If you do a sport that isn’t a game, you can say: I do karate. Or: I practise karate. (practice with two c’s in American spelling.)

I do archery.

Roberto does aerobics.

Oxana does free diving.


Have fun watching the presentation!

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