With a Little Help from my Friends – A Little and Little.

There’s a difference between the two!

“A little” is a little bit of something.

In the Beatle song “With a Little Help from my Friends” that was made famous by Joe Cocker, life would be so much more easier with a little love.

You can drink your tea or coffee with a little sugar.

You can have a little money on the side for when your refrigerator breaks down.

The new sweater you’ve bought is a little too big.

The hamburgers at the new steakhouse are a little expensive.

Travelling without your credit card is probably a little stupid.

Can you turn up the radio a little? I want to hear the news.


“Little” is something that is lacking (isn’t there).

They live in a small flat and have little money.

Because the students have little knowledge of spelling, their grades are low.

He was unconscious, so he felt little pain.


Watch and listen to the Joe Cocker song here:


joe cocker


Use “a little” or “little.”

1 It’s _____________ dark in here. Turn on the light.

2 I’ve read _____________ in your book, and I liked what I’ve read so far.

3 My friends gave me _______________ help, so I changed my friends.

4 Luckily, Stuart’s feeling __________ better now.

5 However, Victoria’s feeling ___________ worse.

6 It was a bad thing he did, but he showed ____________ regret.

7 Josh and Sandra’s children have moved out. They’re feeling __________ empty.

8 The soup has ____________ salt in it, and that’s why it’s so tasteless.

9 These cookies have _____________ ginger in them, don’t they?

10 That towel is just _________ too dirty to use.

You’ll find the answers at the bottom of this page.











1 a little

2 a little

3 little

4 a little

5 a little

6 little

7 a little

8 little

9 a little

10 a little


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