Easy Grammar – Asking Questions in Present Simple

Present Simple is when you want to tell about things that you always do, or sometimes, or twice a week, etc. An earlier explanation about present simple is here. 


Now we’re going to ask questions in Present Simple.

You ask questions with do and does.

Use does for he, she, and it.

Use do for the other pronouns.

Together with do and does, you use a verb in its basic form. If you’re not sure what the basic form of the verb is, go here.

Have a look at some examples:

Do you like classical music?

Does he eat lunch at 1 o’clock?

Does she have a boyfriend?

Do they go to the dentist every half year?

As you can see, the order of the words is always like this:
do/does + subject + verb + rest of question.

The above questions are yes/no questions, because the answers that you can give to them are yes or no.

Now if you want to make open questions, all you need to do is put a question word in front of it.


When do you want to go out?

What does your sister say about that?

Why does he ride an electric bicycle?

As you can see the word order is the same in all the open questions:

Question word + do/does + subject + verb + rest of question.

Note: The verb to be is different than in the above explanation. I’ll talk about it separately.


Exercise 1:

Make yes/no questions of the following sentences:


Pauline loves pizza with tuna.

Question: Does Pauline love pizza with tuna?

1 She reads the Washington Post.

2 He uses a laptop for his work.

3 They live in a small village.

4 My uncle works as a scientist.


Exercise 2:

Make open questions that ask for the bold part of the sentence.


Kelly always orders a glass of white wine.

Question: What does Kelly always order?

1 The Landauers walk their dog to the park.

2 Hamid listens to the Beatles when he rides the bus.

3 Alisa eats lunch at the cafeteria, because it’s cheap.

4 Their class starts at 8:30.

You’ll find the answers when you scroll down.























Exercise 1:

1 Does she read the Washington Post?

2 Does he use a laptop for his work?

3 Do they live in a small village?

4 Does my/your uncle work as a scientist?


Exercise 2:

1 Where do the Landauers walk their dog?

2 When does Hamid listen to the Beatles?

3 Why does Alisa eat lunch at the cafeteria?

4 What starts at 8:30?

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